Clifford Road Air Raid Shelter Museum

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The museum is reached via an unassuming entrance, tucked away in a corner of the school grounds.  Museum entrance, above ground
Originally, thirteen stairways were dotted around the playground, one for every section of tunnel.  Each class in the school was designated a particular entrance. Museum entrance, steps down
One section of the shelter has been retained as close as possible to how it was when in use.  Bare wooden benches, cold damp concrete walls, dim paraffin lighting, and a single inadequate chemical toilet.

The shelter would also have had anti-blast doors on each section, increasing the containment, but decreasing the ventilation.  Soakaways at the foot of each stairwell were linked to the main school drainage system, and are still working today.

The floor of the shelter was designed to withstand a blast coming upwards from a buried bomb, and is four feet thick.  Local Education Authority surveyors have judged that the structure is so solid that it may well out-live the school building itself.

Inside the shelter