Clifford Road Air Raid Shelter Museum

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The museum's shop display is full of items from the 1930s and 1940s.  Some are little-changed today, including Rice Krispies, All Bran, and Oxo.   Others have almost completely disappeared, such as egg substitute, lemonade powder and carbolic soap.

Shop goods on display
Other items are a far cry from those found today. Cigarette packets
If every woman and child in the UK were to waste half an ounce of bread daily, the total for a year would amount to nearly two weeks normal consumption - or the amount carried by about 25 wheat ships.

Rationing was first introduced in 1940 and was generally welcomed by housewives because of its fairness.

The first items rationed were butter, sugar, bacon and ham.  More were added to the list every month.  Bread was never rationed, and nor were offal (liver, kidneys etc.) or fish.  Items such as clothing, furniture and petrol all had to be restricted.

By 1944 the average housewife was spending 11 shillings (55%) in every 1 on rationed food and two shillings on other rationed items.



Ration book

School life and children's activities are featured in the museum. School exercise book

Cigarette cards

School records - punishment book